What Clients Think

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“Scott is the first recruiter that truly spent time getting to know the organization before attempting to source candidates. He requires little to no follow-up as he is regularly following up with you. He is driven by quality and not to just fill the position. Matching values and culture was as important to him as it was to us. Scott and Convergence will continue to be part of our recruitment team and strategy.”

Jane Nichols Seckinger
Goodwill Industries (of the Southern Rivers)

“Scott, I only have positive things to say. I cannot think of a more perfect working relationship – it was flawless to your credit. And I am known for being critical, so you did well, actually a model for some of our associates on client service – wish you could mentor them.”

Practice Group Chair
AmLaw 100 firm

“During my term as Chair of TAPPI, Scott Kaufman assisted us in filling the President’s position. To Scott’s great credit, the entire process was professional and effective in every way. The new President has made a significant positive difference in the association. I credit Scott’s diligence and dedication with surfacing the “needle in a haystack” that has definitely been the right person for the job.”

Willis Potts
Chairman for TAPPI
TAPPI (the largest trade association for the paper industry)

“I don’t think I have ever worked with a recruiter that spent the energy or had the interest in wanting to understand the objectives we were trying to achieve from a business standpoint for the hire you were asked to find for us. You invested a lot of time understanding our business as a whole, and that was very differentiating from others I have worked with…rare where this has been the case.”

Terry Cowles
Senior Partner
Deloitte Consulting

“Quality professional services are difficult to obtain at any price, but when you find a company that exceeds your expectations, that is indeed priceless. Scott and Convergence delivered every step of the way”

Dennis Rainey