We Connect Fees to Results

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We connect fees to results

For the last 40+ years there have only been two models for recruiting firms – contingency and retained.

Without any advance payment from you, contingency recruiters must understandably be careful not to commit too much time and vigor to your search. Traditional retained recruiters, on the other hand, require large up-front payments before real progress can be assessed…and with no guarantee of success.

In contrast…Convergence Recruiting connects fees to RESULTS in a way that serves you better.

Our innovative, customer-centric fee model drives success by allowing us to devote the necessary time to your project…and rewarding us when we achieve the results you need.


  • We charge a reasonable hourly rate for actual time spent recruiting for your position
  • We do NOT charge an advance retainer. This permits you to cancel our service any time, for any reason…and without penalty.
  • We provide regular progress reports so you can choose to continue the search based on the progress that you see
  • We charge a success fee…but only after we have COMPLETED the assignment
  • We have a one-year replacement clause in the unlikely event the hire leaves or is fired

It’s a fair, intelligent approach where we are partners in each other’s success

You reserve our time without risking an arm-and-a-leg. We’re rewarded when you are pleased enough to extend an offer to a great candidate that he/she accepts. And we will redo the search in the unlikely event that Mr. Right turns out to be Mr. Wrong.

There is an intelligent reason behind why we do virtually everything at Convergence Recruiting. Learn more about how we’re different: