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We know how non-profits are different

On the surface, non-profit organizations and businesses appear to be very similar. Yet many leaders that are successful in business fail to have the same positive impact on non-profits.

Beyond the obvious similarities of having employees, departments, goals and budgets, there are some fundamental differences that contribute to the divergent results.

Peter Drucker appropriately said, “a non-profit organization’s product is a cured patient, a child that learns…and a changed human life.” As a result, a non-profit’s success cannot be measured by the bottom line.

But that’s just the beginning. Non-profits must constantly be on the lookout for funding sources from the community. Even while its leaders must get more done with a lean staff that is under-paid and under-trained…and often consists of a high percentage of VOLUNTEERS.

If this isn’t enough of a juggling act, add the expectation of balancing “merciful management” with the need for more accountability and better results.

When hiring an executive for your non-profit, it is imperative that candidates and your recruiting partner have a deep understanding of non-profits, what makes them tick, and how they are different from corporate America.

Experienced principals at Convergence Recruiting have placed talented, mission-minded business people in national non-profit organizations like the American Bible Society, Apartment Life, FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey, Goodwill Industries, The National Science Center, and Prison Fellowship. Engagements for Georgia-based non-profits include the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Center for Opportunity, North Point Community Church, and TAPPI, the largest membership association serving the pulp and paper industry.

When it comes to hiring leaders for non-profits, quality isn’t expensive…it’s priceless! And Convergence knows what it takes for business leaders to succeed within non-profits, where to find top-tier candidates, and how to screen and recruit them.

Diverse track-record of success

Since 1998, experienced principles at Convergence Recruiting have been recruiting high-caliber, mission-minded business people for non-profit organizations.

One of the things we’ve learned is that no two non-profit organizations are alike. As a result, we focus on asking the right questions to fully grasp the unique challenges within your organization and for the open position.

This approach of first seeking to understand has contributed to Convergence growing an impressive list of satisfied clients. A sampling of successful placements for national organizations includes the following:

  • Director of Operations for the American Bible Society
  • Several executives for Goodwill
  • Regional VP for ApartmentLife
  • VP of Human Resources for FamilyLife with Dennis Rainey
  • CEO for The National Science Center (recruited a former NASA space Shuttle astronaut)
  • CIO for Prison Fellowship

A sampling of successful placements for Georgia-based non-profits includes:

  • Lead Pastors for North Point Community Church strategic partner churches
  • Foster Family Consultant for FaithBridge Foster Care
  • VP of Community Initiatives for Georgia Center for Opportunity
  • Director of Operations for the Cathedral of Christ the King
  • President for the largest trade association serving the pulp & paper industry

The “BEST available hire,” not merely first available

In business and in non-profits, the BEST leaders will produce a much bigger impact than “good” leaders. That’s why hiring the best possible leaders is good stewardship.

The Convergence Recruiting team is highly motivated to be a good steward of your hard-won financial support from your community, by finding candidates that are worthy of the “best available” label.

To accomplish this, we have engineered a recruiting process where we build a large, custom database of candidates who are NOT actively looking for a job. We then initiate contact using carefully crafted recruiting messages to 150 to 250+ of these prospects and referral sources. (Our highest record for the most people contacted for one search is currently set at 393!)

While we realize that these and other self-imposed elements add additional hurdles for us to clear, we believe your organization deserves “thorough and smart,” and that you shouldn’t settle for “quick and easy.”

Other elements of ensuring we surface BEST available candidates on your behalf include:

Measuring Fit. We are one of the few search firms to use validated assessments to measure fit.

Avoiding Risky Hires. We developed a simple yet more effective background checking method.