Measuring Fit

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We use validated assessments to measure fit

“Talent alone isn’t special. It is the matching of the talent with the role that is special”
– Marcus Buckingham

Convergence Recruiting is one of the few search firms that uses objective, validated assessments to help measure FIT.

BEFORE candidates are hired, we measure 20+ revealing behaviors including levels of assertiveness, ambition, resourcefulness, collaboration, enthusiasm, and organization.

A separate assessment with actual timed work-samples reveals what natural abilities a candidate does or does not have. The results are revealed in a general business report or a version designed for law firms where appropriate.

Quite simply, using assessments results in better hiring decisions.

Finding and hiring top performers can be challenging work. And it’s probably NOT what your organization does best. (Which, by the way, is why you might need us.)

Unfortunately, most search firms avoid assessment tools because they fear adding another filter will make hiring candidates even harder.

We realize that even strategic use of assessments (along with our other self-imposed safeguards) adds an additional hurdle for us to clear. Yet assessments are one of the MOST effective ways to expose the figurative “rocks in the garden” of a prospective hire.

It’s just another way we’ve chosen “thorough and smart” over “quick and easy.” In the long-run, that’s more motivating to the Convergence Recruiting team. But we also think that’s what your business deserves.

There is an intelligent reason behind why we do virtually everything at Convergence Recruiting. Learn more about how we’re different: