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Specializing in recruiting “practice group management professionals” for AmLaw200 firms

Law firms have unique and complex needs that are far different from a typical business. Even the needs of practice groups WITHIN a firm can differ widely.

As a Practice Group Leader, you started your career wanting to be the best LAWYER you could be. Through a combination of hard work, skill and intelligence, you moved up in the organization. Now you are responsible for deliverables outside your primary area of expertise.

Though you may like the impact that comes with your leadership role, your responsibility to the firm competes with your ability to serve your existing clients and attract new ones. And as capable as you are, is the firm BEST served by spending so much of your time on operational issues?

There is a better way

More and more of the best firms are stepping out of their comfort zone to hire business people to help manage the BUSINESS of running a law firm and its practice groups. And with the right hire, the ROI can be tremendous.

Dating back to 1998, experienced principals at Convergence Recruiting have placed talented business professionals in multiple AmLaw100 firms in the functions of practice group management, as well as firm-wide marketing, technology and human resources. Convergence knows what it takes to succeed within law firms, where to find top-tier candidates, and how to recruit them.

The stakes are high, and you can count on two things: running the business the way you’ve always done it is unlikely to produce the results you want; and the gap is growing between firms that thrive and those that merely survive.

We designed a more INTELLIGENT recruiting model

Motivated by a strong dislike of the typical SALES process in the recruiting industry, the creators of Convergence started with a clean sheet of paper 10 years ago. They asked, “how can we design a recruiting business model that earns the trust and confidence of our clients, in a way that doesn’t require an aggressive hard-sell approach?”

The result is a set of intelligent business practices. How we structure our fees, measure candidate fit, and avoid hiring mistakes combines to deliver tangible benefits to our clients in the form of extraordinary hires.

Big firm EXPERIENCE, small firm attention

The founding Principal of Convergence Recruiting established his career with the 5th largest retained executive search firm worldwide. While keeping the best of what the big firms had to offer, Convergence wanted to go beyond.

As a result, Convergence boasts big-firm features like a talented support team of research and recruiting associates; subscriptions to several searchable databases that give easy access to millions of candidates across the country; and a robust, cloud-based CRM system that tracks recruiting activity and generates detailed reports.

While these features are necessary, we believe it’s our small-firm, attention to the “little” things that combines to produce raving fans. In fact, the level of service we provide earns flattering references that sound, well, like we made them up ourselves. (That’s why we are delighted to provide name and contact info for all of our references upon request.)

“I cannot think of a more perfect working relationship. It was flawless…and I am known for being critical. You were actually a model for some of our associates on client service.
I wish you could mentor them.” – Partner & Practice Group Leader, top 100 US law firm”

Partner involvement. An experienced Convergence Recruiting partner will maintain involvement with your search from the first kick-off meeting through interviews, progress reports, and employment negotiations with finalist candidates. At regular intervals during the subsequent 12-24 months, we also follow-up with the hiring manager and the hire to see where we can offer insights to further enhance your working relationship.

Passion. Our team is passionate about helping law firms. Sure, we still chuckle at a good lawyer joke. But the pressures facing most law firms and practice groups are no laughing matter. Helping law firms navigate the increasingly competitive landscape and pace of change is a high-impact challenge that we THRIVE on!

Focus. Convergence is intentional about keeping our fixed costs low and leveraging our resources so we can focus on what we do best: conducting searches in our sweet spot.

Unlike many large search firms that are pressured to keep their sizable staffs billable, we actually turn down assignments when that’s best for our clients. While this is a rare practice in the recruiting industry, it’s one of the reasons clients can trust us to do the right thing, and deliver results effectively.

Communication. Timely, accurate, thorough, and no surprises. First we ask the right questions to uncover the nuances of your unique hiring challenge. After we craft the appropriate recruiting strategies, we then provide a detailed spreadsheet that projects our activities week-by-week. You will receive a written and/or verbal status report outlining progress and any obstacles every 2 weeks.

And finalist candidates are treated to the same diligent communication – we have an average of 38 separate touch-points during the course of a search. The benefit to you? Getting to know client companies and candidates this well has resulted in us losing just one candidate in 15+ years, once they were presented with an offer of employment.