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Diverse track-record of success

Experienced principals at Convergence Recruiting have been recruiting high-caliber talent since 1996. One of the things we’ve learned is that no two searches are alike.

As a result, we never presume or try to convince you that we’ve conducted another search “just like yours” – let alone a dozen of them. Frankly, the last thing you need is another consultant trying to impress you that he/she is the smartest one in the room. Instead, we focus on asking the right QUESTIONS to fully understand the unique challenges within your company and your open position.

In the equine veterinarian world, prescription without diagnosis is malpractice. Our inquisitive approach of uncovering the unique needs of each client represents a sharp contrast, and has allowed Convergence Recruiting to deliver extraordinary results while growing an impressive list of satisfied clients.

And our successful searches include all but a few industries, all functional departments, and all titles and levels of responsibility.

Convergence Recruiting’s specific industry experience includes professional services, technology, manufacturing, electronics, retail, consumer packaged goods, real estate and more…for companies that range in size from start-ups to Fortune 500.

Departments that we’ve hired candidates for include marketing, operations, sales, finance, technology, executive and general management, and human resources. And the levels we’ve helped clients hire for include crucial individual contributor roles through C-level.

Talent we’ve attracted to our clients has come FROM companies like:

  • Accenture
  • Coors
  • Ernst & Young
  • GE
  • IBM
  • NASA Space Shuttle Program
  • Saturn Electronics & Engineering

A sampling of organizations we’ve successfully recruited talent TO includes:

  • Deloitte Consulting (Senior Manager)
  • HuschBlackwell (Chief Information Officer)
  • Invisible Fence (Director of Engineering & Operations)
  • Internet Security Systems (Director of Human Resources)
  • Kilpatrick Townsend Stockton (Business Manager/Dept. Operating Officer; CIO)
  • Lucent Technologies (SVP of Human Resources)
  • Southern Company (VP of Aviation)
  • Taylor Morrison Homes (CIO; VP of Human Resources; VP of Sales & Marketing)
  • Unclaimed Baggage Center (Director of Business Development)

The “BEST available hire,” not merely first available

In horse racing and in business, the BEST can be counted on to deliver a much stronger ROI than the good. The Convergence Recruiting team is highly motivated to find candidates that are worthy of the “best available” label.

To accomplish this, we have engineered a recruiting process where we build a large, custom database of candidates who are NOT actively looking for a job. We then initiate contact using carefully crafted recruiting messages to 150 to 250+ of these prospects and referral sources. (Our highest record for the most people contacted for one search is currently set at 393!)

While we realize that these and other self-imposed elements add additional hurdles for us to clear, we believe your business deserves “thorough and smart,” and that you shouldn’t settle for “quick and easy.”

Other elements of ensuring we surface BEST available candidates on your behalf include:

Measuring Fit. We are one of the few search firms to use validated assessments to measure fit.

Avoiding Risky Hires. We developed a simple yet more effective background checking method.

Big firm EXPERIENCE, small firm attention

The founding Principal of Convergence Recruiting established his career with the 5th largest retained executive search firm worldwide. While keeping the best of what the big firms had to offer, Convergence wanted to go beyond.

As a result, Convergence boasts big-firm features like a talented support team of research and recruiting associates; subscriptions to several searchable databases that give easy access to millions of candidates across the country; and a robust, cloud-based CRM system that tracks recruiting activity and generates detailed reports.

While these features are necessary, we believe our small-firm attention to the “little” things is one element that produces raving fans. In fact, the level of service we provide earns flattering references that sound, well, like we made them up ourselves. (That’s why we are delighted to provide name and contact info for all of our references upon request.)

I cannot think of a more perfect working relationship. It was flawless…and I am known for being critical. You were actually a model for some of our associates on client service.
I wish you could mentor them.” – Partner & Practice Group Leader, top 100 US law firm”

Partner involvement. An experienced Convergence Recruiting partner will maintain involvement with your search from the first kick-off meeting through interviews, progress reports, and employment negotiations with finalist candidates. At regular intervals during the subsequent 12-24 months, we also follow-up with the hiring manager and the hire to see where we can offer insights to further enhance your working relationship.

Passion. Our team is passionate about helping companies hire winning executives. While we are able to laugh at ourselves, the pressures facing most companies are no laughing matter.  Helping companies navigate the increasingly competitive, grow-or-die landscape and pace of change is a high-impact challenge that we THRIVE on!

Focus. Convergence is intentional about keeping our fixed costs low and leveraging our resources so we can focus on what we do best: conducting searches in our sweet spot.

Unlike many large search firms that are pressured to keep their sizable staffs billable, we actually turn down assignments when that’s best for our clients. While this is a rare practice in the recruiting industry, it’s one of the reasons clients can trust us to do the right thing, and deliver results effectively.

Communication. Timely, accurate, thorough, and no surprises. First we ask the right questions to uncover the nuances of your unique hiring challenge. After we craft the appropriate recruiting strategies, we then provide a detailed spreadsheet that projects our activities week-by-week. You will receive a written and/or verbal status report outlining progress and any obstacles every 2 weeks.

And finalist candidates are treated to the same diligent communication – we have an average of 38 separate touch-points during the course of a search. The benefit to you? Getting to know client companies and candidates this well has resulted in us losing exactly ZERO candidates in 15+ years, once they were presented with an offer of employment.