Avoiding Risky Hires

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The wrong hire can create a precarious situation

When hiring top talent and avoiding risky hires, a lot of things actually have to go right for nothing to go wrong. And it’s probably NOT what your organization does best. (Which, by the way, is why you might need us.)

Measured in dollars, team morale or lost opportunities, the cost of a bad hire can be tremendous. One of the most overlooked safeguards against risky hires is intelligent reference checking.

Simply put, the best background checking method is one that minimizes the risk of a bad hire by uncovering information that could affect job performance. Unfortunately, most recruiters tend to accept shallow information gathered in subjective ways just before an offer is extended. Merely something to “check off the list.”

In contrast, Convergence Recruiting has developed a simple yet effective background checking method (“M-SIV” – Multi-Step, Independent Validation) that introduces critical filters at key times in the evaluation process. The result is several LAYERS of unbiased information that enables better hiring decisions.

The specifics of our unique approach include:

  • Step #1 – we engage an independent party to examine educational degrees, criminal records, motor vehicle reports, and credit issues
  • Step #2 – we conduct brief conversations with peers, subordinates, and/or bosses to confirm titles, responsibilities, and true contributions to the team
  • Step #3 – we use a different, objective third party to conduct extensive conversations with multiple personal and professional references (often including people that are not on the list provided by the candidate)
  • Step #4 – we substantiate W2 or pay-stub income to check honesty and to ensure fairness in the negotiating process
  • Step #5 – before a decision is made to extend an offer, we give you direct access to all independent verifiers and their documentation

Despite best efforts by all, hiring mistakes cannot be avoided forever. While our track record is stellar, Convergence Recruiting has a replacement clause whereby we will redo the search if the hire leaves or is fired in less than a year.

There is an intelligent reason behind why we do virtually everything at Convergence Recruiting. Learn more about how we’re different: